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How do we glorify God and enjoy Him for ever?

Question: The first question in the Westminster catechism is: What is the chief end of man? Answer: Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever. My question: As this is of utmost importance, as we were created for this, how do we actually glorify God and how do we enjoy him forever?

In one of the Psalms it says ‘Praise (glorify) ye Him, sun and moon; all ye stars of the light…” (Ps. 148)
They praise or glorify God when they do what they were created to do. In others when the sun shines and warms the earth;  when the moon reflects and comforts us in the night, then they do glorify God.
What were we created to do? In one word, we were created to serve God with voluntary and joyful obedience, carrying out our task in Paradise.  Adam and Eve were given
custody over the earth and to dress Paradise.  We were given the task to manage God’s created world.  If they would have continued to do that, they would have enjoyed Him forever in the daily communion with their Creator.  This enjoyment would have been unending and indescribable.

Applied to our daily life, we glorify God when we serve Him, acknowledge Him, obey His will, recognize His gifts, understand His greatness and respond to this with reverence and thankfulness.  But also when we care for His creation and the creatures that He has made us responsible for.  Paul even mentions that we are to ‘eat and drink to God’s glory.’  That is eating while recognizing that what you eat is a gift of grace (each crumb) and that He provided it to please you.
When we serve others in love because they are God’s creatures, whether they are people or animals or even enemies, we glorify God.

Ever since our ‘break-away’ from  God (the Fall) we are broken people, unable to do what we were created to do.  That’s why mankind is in such a self-centered, sad and struggling condition.  If we don’t glorify God with obedience and serve Him we also won’t enjoy Him forever.  Instead He will be a terror to us as He is holy and righteous Being.  But great is the Gospel message that Jesus Christ came as the Second Adam.  He did obey His Father’s will till the very last moment of His life.  Only when we hide ourselves by faith in
His obedience and merits can be glorify God through Him.  He also alone will be the only way in which we may enjoy again His communion.

Thanks for the great question.  So often we assume such beautiful
statements but little do we grasp what they intend to say.

Pastor Vergunst