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Is saying “O my Goodness” and “O my Word” taking God’s name in vain?

I sometimes hear Christians using sayings like “O my Goodness” and “O my Word” and wonder if they are the same as taking God’s name in vain? I cant help but think its wrong to do so. What are your thoughts on this?

Hello dear friend,

I agree with you that such expressions are ‘borderline’ imitations of the way many use the name of God in vain.  Especially “oh my goodness’ is not even borderline but a reference to God’s goodness.  Although you can’t really say that “O my Word’ is wrong it yet has the ‘appearance of evil’ and therefore I would agree that we should not use such expressions.  Let’s steer clear away from the world’s ways of dishonouring the Lord, His Goodness or His name.

That we use certain expressions to verbalize a certain surprise, shock or elation is not wrong of course.  But they should stay very clearly away from the sounds the world uses.  So, how about you invent some expressions that are harmless but fulfil the purpose of exclamation and begin to use those around your Christian friends.  Maybe it will catch!

Pastor Vergunst