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Marriage Enrichment Classes

Every three weeks an evening will be dedicated to sharpening our skills needed to enjoy God’s gift of marriage.  Good and solid Biblical marriages are first of all to the glory of God. They will also deliver God’s blessings to us as He designed through the marital union and it will be the best haven in which our children are nurtured in their journey to adulthood.

Come and join us, either in person or online (http://nrcwaupun.org/listen-live/) and give your own marriage some cultivation.  While attending in person or while listening at home, you can text in your question to be answered in the Q & A portion of the evening.  Text:  920 791 1327.  Or you can email them to be answered in the following session.  Email:  atvergunst@charter.net

Spread the news or share this as a link so others interested will be able to listen in or come along.  Check at this website when the next session will be held.  If you missed one, they are stored below on this page so you can download them later.

Pastor Arnoud Vergunst


Next Class:


● Marriage Class Part 1

1. Marriage Outline

● Marriage Class Part 2

2. Him vs. Her. Outline

● Marriage Topic Part 3

3. Him vs. Her (2) Outline

● Marriage Class Part 4

4. Him vs. Her (3) Outline

● Marriage Class Part 5

5. His Role vs. Her Role (1) Husband Outline

● Marriage Class Part 6

6. His Role vs. Her Role (2) Wife Outline

● Marriage Class Part 7

7. Communication (1) Outline

● Marriage Class Part 8

8. Communication (2) Outline