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Leadership & Membership

Leadership & Membership

At present our church leadership (commonly referred to as the consistory), consist of three elders and two deacons.   The elders and deacons are chosen to two year terms.  Upon the completion of the two years, new elders and deacons will be chosen out of the duos presented to the male members of the congregation.  Due to the smaller size of our congregation and limited supply of men to lead, serving elders may be placed upon the duo again for an indefinite number of times.  This is not the case with the deacons. As congregation we have adopted the rule that deacons can serve two consecutive two-year terms (if re-elected) but then cannot be placed upon the duo.  This would allow fresh men to serve in the deacon’s office.  Former deacons may again be placed upon a new duo after at least one year.

Presently the consistory consists of:

Mr. Ross Derksen 
Mr. Roger Derksen
Mr. Dan Koepsell

Mr. James Ruissen
Mr. Reilly Velier


Membership within our church is not automatic upon attending.  To become a full member of our church family, each person will need to follow an instructional catechism preparing him or her for the personal confession of faith.   Before the actual confession of faith, each person will be examined upon his or her understanding and belief of the doctrines we as church uphold as well as the life-style.   If complete satisfactory to the consistory and congregation an opportunity will be given to make a public confession of faith.  This is also true for our young people who have grown up in our church family.

People who come to our church from churches within our NRC denomination will be accepted as transferred members if they can present a good testimony of their former church membership.  This is referred to as an attestation.

Anyone is welcome to attend our public worship services on Sunday and those done in the week nights. It will be our pleasure to welcome you in our midst to share with you the rich truths that God has given us in His Word.  Besides the weekly preaching of the Word, from time to time Holy Baptism is administered to the children of the congregation and any adults that may have come to faith who were not previously baptized.  At present, the Lord’s Supper is administered three times a year.  Attendance to the Lord’s Table is limited those who are full members of our congregation and are not under any form of church discipline due to an inconsistent Christian walk or talk.   In other words, attendance at the Lord’s Table is not open to visitors.