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The Holy War By John Bunyan

Below are the following topics expounding on The Holy War by John Bunyan. Once a month, Pastor Vergunst will expound on one or two chapters of the book. It would be beneficial to you if you have those chapters read ahead of time so it will be easier to follow along with the topic. If you have any questions about the chapters discussed, please let him know at atvergunst@charter.net and he will answer them in the following topic. Each one will be live streamed and downloaded below for those who can not attend. 

Next Class: April 1st at 7:00 PM


1. Man’s Creation and Fall

2. Mansoul Destroyed by Satan

3. God’s Plan and Satan’s Counter Measures

4. The King’s Message through His Captains

5. Mansoul’s Resistance to Gospel of Grace

6. Emmanuel’s Aid Needed and Given

7. A Repentant Mansoul Petitions Emmanuel

8. Emmanuel’s Pardon And Renewal

9. Backsliding In Heart