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Bible Study Pre-Questions

Bible Study on Romans 5:1:11

As decided on our last Bible study, I would provide a few warm-up questions on the portion we hope to consider together in our next study.   May the Lord bless these efforts to His glory and our enlightening of mind.

Warm-up Questions…

  1. What is the first fruit of being justified through genuine faith in Christ?
  1. How are we to describe this ‘peace?’ Are there other words in this portion or the rest of Scripture that describe this peace?
  1. What are the fruits of this peace as listed in the further verses of our study?
  1. What three things does Paul write Christians are to rejoice in? Which of these is to provide us the greatest joy?
  1. From what is every believer to trace his or her salvation?
  1. Using these verses, how would you define God’s love to His sinful people?
  1. Jesus’ death satisfied God’s wrath for His elect. Yet it appears in verse 9 that he speaks about ‘saved from wrath’ as something future. How are we to see this?